{about consideration by design}

My aim through this blog is to highlight the connections between art, education, and advocacy. Often, one of the most inspiring and memorable ways to raise awareness of key social issues is through imaginative expression, and I believe it is in acknowledging and advocating for creative problem-solving that we can achieve better cultural and societal understanding.

All too often, in our STEM-based education system, the benefits gained by maintaining and implementing a strong Arts presence are deemed relatively insignificant in comparison to science and technology. I hope to shed light on some of the problems in treating the Arts and Sciences as antagonistic entities. Additionally, I hope to highlight and address some of our major problems in education and demonstrate the significance of using creative approaches to address social issues (e.g. sustainability, social justice, ethical consumerism, etc.) by fostering an open and expressive educational community.

{about me}

 Currently, I work as a legal assistant in a small law firm in Norfolk, VA. Prior to that, I served as an Assistant Campaign Director and Field Manager for the Virginia office of Fair Share Alliance, a grassroots campaign centered upon job creation through corporate tax reform. I recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Philosophy and dedicated much of my four years to music, volunteer work, diversity education, and youth mentoring.

Both personally and professionally, I hope to continue my pursuit of positively impacting my community through nonprofit development and advocacy. My ultimate goal is to fight against education inequity by ensuring all students have equal access to the highest-quality education possible by reforming our traditional schools and expanding school choice.

If you’d like to learn more about my professional pursuits, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile. If you’d like to learn about the organizations I am passionate about, click the links below!

[Special thank you to Bethany Helzer for headline photo.]


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